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Why this utility
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Password Reset Utility
by Giovanni B. Perotti (Italy)

1-Why this utility

If you are a security administrator, you may now and then be asked to create an user profile for a new user, or to provide a new password for an user who forgot it. In such cases, you should provide your user with an initial password, and the the user should change it at his first signon: this is an established security standard (One Time Password, OTP, see this page).
This utility provides a tool to enforce this security standard.


  1. OS/400 release V5R2 or subsequent
  2. Compiler ILE RPG IV, product 57xxWDS, opt. 31, is required only during the installation phase.
  3. utility MMAIL. Though not mandatory, this utility, if available, provides some interesting features.


  1. Download file from the Easy400 download page and unzip it.
  2. Follow the pwdreset.txt instructions to upload and to restore library PWDRESET.
  3. On the IBM System i run the following procedure:
    It does the following:
    • Creates objects.
    • Creates library PWDRESETDT. This library contains your local data, so that they are not impacted from the installation of a new release of this utility.
Note - To install PWDRESET on another box, save library PWDRESET, restore it to the new box, then run command PWDRESET/INSTALL.


To know about the latest updates to this tool, press this link.

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