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File upload utilities:
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File Upload utilities

  2. The original program allowing to upload via HTTP a file from a PC to the iSeries was dated year 2003 and used to be named FUPLOAD.
    It was not easy to be customized, it was able to upload files not exceeding the 16 mb size, and it used to show a slow performance.
    This program is still available, for compatibility with former users, and is described in Appendix A.

  4. In May 2009, Ron Egyed, RJE Consulting Inc, New Port Richey (FL), U.S., made available to me a new upload program, named FUPLOAD2 which by far exceeded my original fupload program.
    PC files are loaded into IFS directory /tmp. PD file names are added a unique suffix.
    Program FUPLOAD2 is documented here.

  6. Later on, several people asked me to provide some additional facilities for moving and to renaming the stream files uploaded into IFS directory /tmp via CGI program FUPLOAD2. The new program supporting these features was named FUPLOAD3 and is documented here.

  8. Last, I was requested a special version of program FUPLOAD2, which would upload PC files into an installation-defined IFS directory. This program was named FUPLOAD4 and is documented here.

Warning to MS Internet Explorer users
If you are using the MicroSoft Internet Explorer browser, it is mandatory that you disable the following default setting:
Tools->Internet Options->Security->Include_local_directory_path_when_uploading_files_to_a_server