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WEB Services for IBM i
Public Source WEB Services
by Giovanni B. Perotti (Italy)
1- About it   3- Installation
2- Prerequisites   4- Updates

1-About it

This utility contains a set of tools for

  1. consuming WEB services
  2. providing RESTful WEB services
on your IBM i.


  • Minimum OS/400 release: V6R1
  • Scott Klement's HTTP API (library LIBHTTP) is required: service programs LIBHTTP/HTTPAPIR4 and LIBHTTP/EXPAT must have been generated and SSL support must be active.
    • If you already have library LIBHTTP, you can retrieve its HTTP API version from variable HTTPAPI_VERSION in LIBHTTP/QRPGLESRC member HTTPAPI_H.
      HTTP API version requirements are:
      • For EZ4WEBSERV release V5R4M0, HTTP API version 1.23 dated 2008-04-24
      • For EZ4WEBSERV release V6R1M0, HTTP API version 1.38 dated 2017-10-09
    • If you have not yet installed library LIBHTTP, the correct version of it will be installed by the EZ4WEBSERV installation procedure.
    • Requirements for SSL support (see member README in LIBHTTP/QRPGLESRC):
      • Digital Certificate Manager (57xx-SS1 opt 34)
      • TCP/IP Connectivity Utilities (57xx-TC1)
      • HTTP Server (57xx-DG1)
      • IBM Crypto Access Provider (57xx-AC3 or 57xx-NAE)
      • IBM Developer Kit for Java (57xx-JV1)
      • The *SYSTEM certificate store must have been created with Digital Certificate Manager
  • 57xx-WDS Compiler ILE RPG IV (needed only during the installation process)
  • utility EZ4PARSE is recommended. It helps converting to database files the XML stream files received by the WEB client.


  • Download file from the Easy400 download page and unzip it.
  • Follow the ez4webserv.txt instructions to upload and to restore library EZ4WEBSERV.
  • On your IBM i
    • sign on with a class *SECOFR user profile
    • run the following procedure:
      It does the following:
      • restores library LIBHTTP (only if not yet available)
      • creates objects in library EZ4WEBSERV
      • restores IFS directory /ez4webserv
      • creates and populates library EZ4WEBSDTA (Local data)
      • installs the HTTP instance EZ4WEBSERV (listening on port 8018).

4 - Updates

To know about the latest updates to this tool, press this link.
To know about the release date of the Ez4WEBSERV version you may have installed, on your IBM i execute command EZ4WEBSERV/RELEASED .