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About it

Translating MSGD's used in DDS
by Giovanni B. Perotti (Italy)

1-About it

This tool supports translation of display files and printer files to another national language.
The basic requirement is that in such files the texts (page titles, field headers and error messages) refer to message descriptions defined in external message files, accessed through a library list.

In such cases, a different library list would allow to resolve the texts against message files in different libraries, containing texts in the desired national language.

The standard approach to such a solution would be to duplicate a message file and to start translating each message descriptor using comand WRKMSGD. However this approach is slow and does not allow for an immediate test of individual display or printer files.

This tool provide a much faster and constructive approach. It allows to proceed by display or printer files, by translating the message descriptors as they are found in the source members. The translation is carried out with minimum manual effort and can be imediately tested.


  • HTTP Server for i, product 5770DG1
  • Compiler ILE RPG IV, product 57xxWDS, opt. 31
Note - Translation to double byte national languages (example: Chinese) is NOT supported: XLTMSGF WEB programs are based on CGIDEV2 CGI WEB Development Kit and CGIDEV2 does not support double byte languages.


  • If you already installed a previous version of library xltmsgf, rename it XLTMSGFOLD.
    You may delete library XLTMSGFOLD upon successful installation of the new version of library XLTMSGF.
  • Download file from the Easy400 download page and unzip it.
  • Follow the Readme.txt instructions to upload and to restore library XLTMSGF.
  • On the iSeries run the following procedure:
    It does the following:
    • creates XLTMSGF programs
    • creates and populates library XLTMSGDTA (used to store your XLTMSGF data)
    • restores IFS directory /xmltmsgf
    • displays the HTTP directives that you must install on an Apache HTTP instance of yours.


Use URL http://.../xltmsgf/start
(where ... stays for the IP address of your iSeries).