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Some XLPARSE2 CGI programs

If you have installed

  • library CGIDEV2 (ILE-RPG CGI Development Toolkit, the version available from )
  • the XLPARSE2 HTTP instance
then you may run the following sample CGI programs:

1- Upload a PC XLS/XLSX file and run command XLSTABLE or XLSTABLE2 from it.

This is program XLPARSE2/UPLANDRUN. It can be executed by entering the following URL in the location bar of your browser:

  • yourSystemItcpAddress is the TCP address of your IBM System i
The initial screen requires the following input:
  1. Path and name of your PC file to be uploaded (a browse button is available for that)
  2. Some XLSTABLE / XLSTABLE2 command parameters:
    1. the number of the sheet to be processed
    2. the number of heading lines to be skipped
    3. the date format
    4. the numbers of the columns containing date values
    5. the time format
    6. the numbers of the columns containing time values
    7. the name of the target database file, the name of its library and the name of its member
    8. whether the target database file should be (re)created
    9. whether records should be added to or replaced in the target database file member.
A batch job is submitted to execute the XLSTABLE / XLSTABLE2 command.
You are then enabled to inquiry about the status of the submitted batch job and to display its joblog if something went wrong.