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This WSECTCP utility is the Web browser front end for the utility SECTCP (Secured TCP). Using WSECTCP you can operate SECTCP in an easier way than from a 5250 display terminal.
SECTCP is of course a prerequisite for running WSECTCP.

The Secured TCP utility provides
  • facilities to protect OS/400 FTP and TELNET servers
  • facilities to log FTP and TELNET activities
  • facilities to display HTTP, FTP and TELNET logs
  • facilities to display statistics and history trends from log summaries:
    Access logging XX
    Display of daily logs XXX
    Logs history XXX
    Statistics by access item XX
    Statistics on visitors XX

On the left side navigation bar of this page, click:
  • to protect the FTP and the TELNET servers (to access this menu you must logon with a class(*SECOFR) user profile).
  • to display the HTTP, FTP, and TELNET logs
  • to display statistics data collected from the HTTP and FTP logs.