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String Retrieve/Replace/Extract  procedures
 PDF of this tutorial

Work with stream files
by Giovanni B. Perotti (Italy)
When accessing an IFS stream file looking for some data, and you do not want to write in your program some intricate routine to find it from some input buffer, you have better knowing the exact position of this data within the stream file. Unluckily, there is no IBM i OS command providing this piece of information in a straightforward way. Even system command DSPSTMF (Display stream file) makes it hard to find that out.
That is why we are suggesting our DspStmf tool that has been proved very useful.
We also provide some procedures to work with stream file strings.

1- About it

This utility features:
  • Command DSPSTMF - It displays a stream file in such a way that you can easily find the starting position of any string inside the file.
    You may search a string in characters or in hex.


  • IBMi OS release V5R3 or any subsequent one
  • Library QHTTPSVR, product 57xx-DG1
  • Compiler ILE RPG IV, product 57xxWDS, opt. 31
  • To run the utilities you need a 5250 *DS4 (27 rows, 132 positions) screen size.
Once installed, you may save and restore it to another IBMi partition.


  • Download file from the Easy400 download page and unzip it.
  • Follow the WRKSTMF.txt instructions to upload and to restore library WRKSTMF.
  • On the IBMi, sign on with a class *SECOFR user profile and run the following procedure:
    It does the following:
    • creates objects in library WRKSTMF
    • restores IFS directory /wrkstmf, which includes this manual both in HTML and in PDF format.


This utility is maintained on request, both for applying fixes and for adding enhancements.
Send your requests to the author. To know what is new, just take a look at its Change Log.