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Line charts

We suggest the following path to master the development of a CGI program providing a line chart. After installing library GRAPHIT, have a look at the ILE-RPG CGI programs mentioned hereafter and you will soon know what to do for your own CGI programs.

  1. Press this link to display a static page showing a line chart (the same showed at the bottom of this page).
    By displaying the source of that page one would start understanding how the line chart is implemented.
    • Please note the following javascript statement:
    var myLine= new Chart(document. getElementById("canvas") .getContext("2d")) .Line(chartData);
    The piece establishing the type of chart is the Line qualifier.
  2. As next step, you would like to develop a very simple CGI program which does show the same static page.
    CGI program linecgi does exactly that.
  3. CGI program sales generates a line chart from three database file members.
  4. CGI program yrdata generates a line chart from your manual input.

Sample line chart

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