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Command EDBG

  Command EDBG
by Giovanni B. Perotti (Italy)
When the time comes to debug a program running in a job other than the current interactive one, you must:
  • find out the qualified job name
  • enter command strsrvjob for that job
  • enter command strdbg for the program to be tested
  • run the program.
  • If then the program needs to be recompiled, before running a new test you should enter commands command enddbg (and sometimes also endsrvjob), then repeat steps a) to d).

When you are in an urgency, you really hate all these steps and you feel that some part of your little time is being wasted.


Command EDBG (Enhanced Debug) looks as follow:

Figure 10. Command EDBG

and requires just two parameters: the program to be tested and the job log number of the job to be serviced.

It does the following:

  • issues an enddbg command
  • issues an endsrvjob command
  • issues a strsrvjob command for the job having that job log number
  • issues a strdbg command for the program

If you leave * for the job number (default value), it assumes the current job as the job to be serviced.

The first time you run it, command EDBG is duplicated to library QGPL.