AS/400 Class on CGI development with RPG

This class enables RPG programmers to develop dynamic web pages for their AS/400 Internet/Intranet sites using a facilitated technique for Common Gateway Interface (CGI)
  • The key element is an enabler, a service program, which allows RPG programmers to

    1. invoke http server APIs without knowing their call interfaces:
      this saves a lot of initial effort in studying, testing, and developing prototypes

    2. keep the program logic separate from the page presentation, in a way similar to that done through display files with standars workstations:
      without this, CGI development would be extremely slow and web page mqaintenance would be practically not manageable.
By attending this class you will learn
  • some basic 3.2 html
  • some basics of ILE-RPG (RPG IV)
  • some basic html configuration directives
  • how to use the CGI enabler
and you will be in a position to start implementing your AS/400 web site.