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Appendix A

Work with translations

To display a list of all the translations initiated so far, take option 3 from the BABEL_I Home page
You receive a WEB page as the one in Figure 15:

Figure 15 - A list of the translations so far available

You may
  • Press the "Start" button to initiate a new translation, OR
  • Press the "fix" button to fix translated dictionary entries (see Appendix A), OR
  • Click the radio button of an existing translation.

In the first case you receive a page where you can start a new translation, see Figure 2.

If you instead click a radio button to work with an existing translation, you receive the following menu:

Figure 16 - What you can do with an existing translation

You may:
  1. Complete a suspended translation or rerun it (in case something was changed on the original master)
  2. Save from the translation dictionary the dictionary entries related to this translation, see Figure 17 (more information on this topic in the next page)
  3. Remove the BABEL_I information about this translation, so that it no longer appears in Figure 15 (in this case a confirmation is requested).

Figure 17 - Saving dictionary entries for a given translation