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Appendix A

Perform a translation

The translation page is made of three vertical frames and looks as follow: (click to enlarge it)

Figure 4 - Performing a translation (click to enlarge it)

The left frame displays the stream file being translated. The right frame displays the stream files resulting from the translation.
On both screens the text strings subject to translation are highlighted by a background color: green for the texts not yet translated, cinnamon for texts already translated, blue for the last translated text.
Both frames are updated at every new text-string translation.

The center frame provides controls for performing the translations of the text strings.
Going top-down:
  1. The names of the two stream files engaged in the translation.
  2. The sequence number and the value of the current input text to be translated
  3. Two check boxes, for optionally copying the input text to the translation box below. One is for a single shot copy, the other stays active through translations until unchecked.
  4. The translation box. This is where you should enter the translation for the current input text to be translated.
    If a text string was already translated, its translation is automatically offered in the translation box.
  5. Four operation buttons:
    1. apply - press this button to perform the current input text translation
    2. undo - press this button to undo the last input text translation
    3. stop - press this button to suspend translation. To resume a suspended translation, restart the translation from the beginning (see Figure 3 in the previous page). You may resume the translation from the last automated checkpoint.
    4. cruise - use this button to let the translation proceed automatically until a never before translated text string is met.
      This button is a very useful time-saver when regenerating an already translated stream file because of some changes.
This "i" button provides some short help text for the operation of this center frame.