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Appendix A

Start a translation

  • Start HTTP instance BABEL-I
    by running command STRTCPSVR SERVER(*HTTP) HTTPSVR(BABEL_I) from a green Command Entry screen.
  • On a WEB browser enter the URL http://your_IBM_i_TCP_address:8030/babel_i
    to receive the utility home page, see Figure 1:

    Figure 1 - Starting the tool

  • Optionally click on the multi-flag image to select one of the available presentation national languages
  • Click the radio button of option 1. Translate a file to receive the translation frame, see Figure2:

    Figure 2 - Starting a translation

  • As an example, suppose that you want to translate this page from English to Italian:

    Figure 3 - Deciding for a translation

    • enter the name of the HTML stream file to be translated
    • enter the name of the stream file to receive the translation (this one may not yet exist)
    • select the national languages of the two stream files
    • press the "go" button
    • then press the "create it now" button