For a RPG developer, make a system API working is often a non trivial effort. Many hours may be spent to find out that a parameter value had the wrong value or that a pointer was not correctly set.

In developing utilities for the site, we have been through quite a number of IBM System i APIs and many users of our tools did benefit of our sources for speeding out their API-related developments.

This is why we are now publishing a set of examples about using system APIs. This work is far from been complete, we shall be adding more and more examples over time.

The next page lists a number of APIs for which we provide use examples.
Operate as follow:

  • Click on an item on column API to display the IBM documentation of that API
  • Click on an item in column Use example to display the source of a RPG program calling that API.
    (All the examples are in source file APGUIDE/XRPGLESRC)