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Why this utility
Basic Operations
 Advanced operations

Advanced WRKVLDL operations

WRKVLDL provides further functions if the utility MMAIL is installed.

1. Receiving login credentials by e-mail
A user can receive by e-mail all the credentials (usernames and passwords) related t6o any validation list entry created via WRKVLDL and carrying his e-mail address.
This can be done by entering - on a 5250 green screen - command
WRKVLDL/GETCREDS EMAIL('e-mail_address')

2. How can you let a user change his password
You may use a special WRKVLDL WEB progtram to reset a user password and have the user defining his new password.This is how:

  1. In your WEB browser enter the following URL:
    to receive the following screen:
      Enter the validation list where the user is defined
    and press the go button. Example:
  2. You receive the following screen:
      Enter the username
    and press the go button. Example:
  3. The program resets the user password without letting you know its value, and send an e-mail message to the e-mail address of the user.
    Meanwhile the user receives an e-mail message as follow:
  4. When the user clicks the link "Set new password", the following page shows up on his Internet browser:

3. Fixing old WRKVLDL validation list entries
Validation lists entries, created by WRKVLDL before than command WRKVLDL/GETCREDS eas available, are missing some data, such as the person e-mail address.
You can add missing data by running command
WRKVLDL/FIXVLDL VLDL(validation list library/name)
It allows you to go through the validation list entries and to add the person names and their e-mail addresses.

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