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PKLIB walkthrough


Library Save & ZIP Facility
by Giovanni B. Perotti (Italy)
This is the tool I use to deliver my software.
I thought it could help somebody else.

1. What it is
2. Prerequisites
3. Installation
4. Command PKLIB

1. What it is

Almost every day I release a new version (containing enhancements and/or fixes) of one of the several Easy400.net utilities. After spending a lot of time in code development and testing, I hate to waste more time in the packaging duties, like:

  1. save the library for that utility
  2. write a readme.txt file containing the installation instructions
  3. download them both to my PC
  4. compress them both into a .zip file
  5. upload the .zip to my Easy400.net site, where the utility can be downloaded from the final users.

This is why I developed an utility, EZPACK, that performs the packaging of the utility completely on the IBM i, with out the need of using a PC to zip files. My utility

  1. saves the library according to the target release you desire
  2. generates a readme.txt file containing the installation instructions
  3. creates an IFS .zip stream file which includes both the readme.txt file and the save file.

2. Prerequisites

  • V5R2 or any subsequent release
  • ILE-RPG compiler

3. Installation

  • Download file ezpack.zip from site Easy400.net
  • Extract the readme.txt file and the ezpack.savf save file
  • Upload the save file to your IBM i according to the instructions in the readme.txt file
  • Restore library EZPACK
    This command:
    • Creates display files, programs, commands and panel groups in library EZPACK
    • Runs command EZPACK/INSTALL to create and populate library EZPACKDTA.
      This library will contain local data.
Once this is done, you can save library EZPACK and restore it on another IBM i box. Just remember to run command EZPACK/INSTALL, which creates and populates library EZPACKDTA.

If you want to make these documentation pages available via HTTP on your system, you must add the following HTTP directives to your HTTP instance:

Alias /ezpack /ezpack
<Directory /ezpack>  
   Options None       
   allow from all     


PKLIB is the command that does the packaging of a library into a zip file.

                Save library as a zipped *STMF (PKLIB)      
 Type choices, press Enter.                                      
 Library name . . . . . . . . . . LIB        *SELECT       Name, *SELECT  

See the next page for a walk through the execution of this command.