What is free in Easy400.net

  1. The following utilities are always free:
    CGIDEV2 ILE-RPG CGI development kit (CGIDEV2)
    CGICBLDEV2 ILE-COBOL CGI Development Kit
    CENTAUR2 E-commerce CGI Centaur Demo
    JS2 JavaScript Tutorial
    DB2XTOOLS Convert database files to Excel, HTML, XML, Text
    WEBSQL SQL for the WEB
    XLT941 HTML stream file translator
    ZIP ZIP/UNZIP commands on the iSeries
    ZIPSAVE Save & zip
    PLCHECKUP Change-Impact analysis tool
    HOWTOAJAX How to ... Ajax
    PWDRESET Enforce password reset security standard
    CHGPWD Change user profile passwords via WEB browser
    EZ4PARSE Parse XML data into a database file
    CHKIFSOBJ Command to check the existence of IFS objects
    EZ4WEBSERV WEB Services for IBM i
    TIFFHPT Libraries TIFFLIB and HTP

  2. The following utility is available only to site contributors ():
    MMAIL Send & Receive e-mail messages

  3. All the other utilities (see list below) are available
    • At no charge to anyone registering on this site, provided that:
      1. The e-mail address specifies the domain of an existing Company
      2. This is the first download from that Company
    • To site contributors ().
    WRKVLDL Work with Validation Lists
    LOGINOUT Web Session Login/Logout Manager
    SECTCP Validate FTP & TELNET requests
    WSECTCP Validate FTP & TELNET requests (SECTCP browser interface)
    EZPACK Library ZIP-packaging
    WEBACT iSeries WEB Access Toolkit
    POP3READ iSeries POP3 Client
    IFSTOOL IFS utilities
    CVT101 IFS Strings and stream files converter
    FUPLOAD File Upload / Download Utility
    PGMREGEN Program Regeneration Utility
    EPOLICE Automatic system operator
    XLTMSGF MSGF utility - Translate message descriptions used in DDS
    XLPARSE2 Excel spreadsheet utility - Read Excel XLS/XLSX spreadsheets with ILE-RPG
    XLSCGI Excel spreadsheet utility - Generate XML documents for spreadsheets
    HSSFCGI Excel spreadsheet utility - Create native Excel spreadsheets supporting graphics
    CGIWRKDBF Work with database files
    ODF Object Distribution Facility
    VRTSAV Virtual Save and Transfer
    JSDATEPICK Pick Dates from a Calendar (based on jQuery)
    FIXHDTAB jQuery plugin to keep fixed the table headers
    ENDJOBS End multiple jobs according to user criteria
    GRAPHIT HTML5 graphs for your CGI programs

(♣) Site contributors, during their contribution period,
  • are allowed to download all the utilities an unlimited number of times
  • are entitled to priority remote support from the author of the utility.