What is free in Easy400.net

  1. The following utilities are always free:
    APIGUIDE Examples of using system APIs with RPG
    CGIDEV2 ILE-RPG CGI development kit (CGIDEV2)
    CGICBLDEV2 ILE-COBOL CGI Development Kit
    CENTAUR2 E-commerce CGI Centaur Demo
    JS2 JavaScript Tutorial
    DB2XTOOLS Convert database files to Excel, HTML, XML, Text
    WEBSQL SQL for the WEB
    ZIP ZIP/UNZIP commands on the iSeries
    ZIPSAVE Save & zip
    PLCHECKUP Change-Impact analysis tool
    HOWTOAJAX How to ... Ajax
    PWDRESET Enforce password reset security standard
    CHGPWD Change user profile passwords via WEB browser
    EZ4PARSE Parse XML data into a database file
    CHKIFSOBJ Command to check the existence of IFS objects
    EZ4WEBSERV WEB Services for IBM i
    TIFFHPT Libraries TIFFLIB and HTP

  2. The following utility is available only to site contributors ():
    MMAIL Send & Receive e-mail messages

  3. All the other utilities (see list below) are available
    • At no charge to anyone registering on this site, provided that:
      1. The e-mail address specifies the domain of an existing Company
      2. This is the first download from that Company
    • To site contributors ().
    WRKVLDL Work with Validation Lists
    LOGINOUT Web Session Login/Logout Manager
    SECTCP Validate FTP & TELNET requests
    WSECTCP Validate FTP & TELNET requests (SECTCP browser interface)
    EZPACK Library ZIP-packaging
    WEBACT iSeries WEB Access Toolkit
    POP3READ iSeries POP3 Client
    IFSTOOL IFS utilities
    CVT101 IFS Strings and stream files converter
    FUPLOAD File Upload / Download Utility
    PGMREGEN Program Regeneration Utility
    BABEL_I Translate HTML stream files to other national languages
    EPOLICE Automatic system operator
    XLTMSGF MSGF utility - Translate message descriptions used in DDS
    XLPARSE2 Excel spreadsheet utility - Read Excel XLS/XLSX spreadsheets with ILE-RPG
    XLSCGI Excel spreadsheet utility - Generate XML documents for spreadsheets
    HSSFCGI Excel spreadsheet utility - Create native Excel spreadsheets supporting graphics
    CGIWRKDBF Work with database files
    ODF Object Distribution Facility
    VRTSAV Virtual Save and Transfer
    JSDATEPICK Pick Dates from a Calendar (based on jQuery)
    FIXHDTAB jQuery plugin to keep fixed the table headers
    ENDJOBS End multiple jobs according to user criteria
    GRAPHIT HTML5 graphs for your CGI programs
    SYNCJOB Use synchronized jobs to solve conflicts and to reduce execution time by parallel processing
    ESECTCP SECTCP user exit points utility for rejected client IP addresses
    KILLMYJOBS Kill your other interactive jobs
    SECTCPTEST Test IP address connections through SECTCP

  1. To know about the minimum amount of a contribution, just try to download one of the non-free utilities.
  2. Site contributors, during their contribution period,
    • are allowed to download all the utilities an unlimited number of times
    • are entitled to priority remote support from the author of the utility.