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  1. Web Development
2. Web Services
3. MS Office Interface
4. E-Mail
5. IFS
6. Zip/Unzip
7. System Control
8. Security
9. Productivity
always free
free only if the first download
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1. Web Development
  1. TCP/IP Configuration Guide (library TCPCFG)
    A guide to configure your OS/400 TCP/IP for the Internet.
  2. always free  RPG CGI program development toolset (library CGIDEV2 - last release Mar 20, 2018)
    A toolset, based on a service program, which allows to write Common Gateway Interface (CGI) RPG programs through simple functions.
    This toolset has two main advantages
    1. you define your HTML scripts in source members or in IFS stream files. In concepts, this techniques is similar to that of an externally defined file, though it's much easier than using DDS. By using this technique, your programs are largerly independent from the specific HTML presentation. You may change your HTML without changing your programs.
    2. your RPG program, instead of invoking directly the HTTP APIs to handle the input/output from/to the remote browser, requests services to CGIDEV2 service program. By doing this, your programming is much easier, requires much less testing and performs at maximum speed.
    We teach this approach through demos and a tutorial with a lot of sample source code.
    You may download all this, install it on your iSeries 400, run it exactly as it is on our Web site, and learn from the original source code, which is totally delivered, inclusive of the service program!
  3. always free COBOL CGI programs development tool (library CGICBLDEV2- last release Apr 02, 2017)
    A special wrapper allows COBOL programs to exploit the same functionalities provided to RPG programs for the Web.
    A COBOL CGI HTML tutorial is included.
    To download the COBOL CGI PDF tutorial, press here.
  4. always free  A brief tutorial on JavaScript (library JS2- last release Nov 11, 2015) that you may need further on to provide enhanced functionalities to your HTML scripts.
  5. always free How to ... AJAX (library HOWTOAJAX - last release Jul 13, 2011). Our experience in using Ajax, our suggestions and a demo.
  6. free only if the first download  WRKVLDL (library WRKVLDL- last release Aug 01, 2017).
    A validation list maintenance utility.
  7. free only if the first download  Web Session Login/Logout Manager (library LOGINOUT- last release Mar 08, 2018).
    A utility to implement application controlled Web Login and Logout.
  8. free only if the first download  File Upload / Download Utility (library FUPLOAD - last release Jun 18, 2015)
    It allows to upload / download via HTTP IFS stream files via HTTP.
  9. free only if the first download  GRAPHIT (library GRAPHIT - last release May 13, 2016), where you can learn how to generate complex HTML5 graphs from your CGI programs.
  10. free only if the first download  Pick Dates from a Calendar (IFS directory /jsDatePick - last release Oct 16, 2012)
    Use it in your Web programs to feed date input fields with a pop-up calendar.
  11. free only if the first download  Fixed Header Tables (IFS directory /FixedHeaderTable - last release Feb 25, 2013)
    Two JQuery plugins that keeps steady the table headers while the table is being scrolled.
  12. free only if the first download  BABEL_I (library BABEL_I - last release Feb 23, 2018)
    A tool to translate - quickly and safely - HTML pages to other national languages.
  13. free only if the first download  iSeries Web Access Toolkit (library WEBACT - last release Mar 22, 2013)
    It provides webmasters with some facilities to maintain their iSeries Web sites through the Web itself.

2. Web Services
  1. always free  IBM i Web Services (library EZ4WEBSERV- last release Mar 11, 2018). A tool to provide and consume Web services on IBM i using low cost CGIDEV2 techniques.
  2. always free  XML parser (library EZ4PARSE- last release Mar 09, 2018). A XML parser that loads XML data to a database file.

3. MS Office Interface
  1. Converting database files to XML, HTML, CSV or TXT format.
    • always free  Utility DB2XTOOLS (library DB2XTOOLS - last release Aug 04, 2016) by Antoon van OS performs PC format (XML, HTML, CSV or TXT) conversions both from green-black screens and from a Web browser and immediately displays results on your PC.
    • always free  Utility WEBSQL (library WEBSQL - last release Jul 29, 2015) also by Antoon van OS allows through a Web browser to define and to run an SQL query over System i databases, and to display results on your PC according to DB2XTOOLS supported formats (XML, HTML, CSV or TXT).
  2. Reading Excel spreadsheets with an RPG program.
    • free only if the first download  Utility XLPARSE2 (library XLPARSE2, last release Mar 26, 2018), based on the original Scott Klement's XLPARSER4 code (included), allows to read both XLS and XLSX Excel spreadsheets with ILE-RPG.
      The greatest of it is command XLSTABLE, which creates a database file from an Excel spreadsheet.
  3. If you ever thought that creating and Excel spreadsheet from an ILE-RPG program and sending it to a bowser was a challenge, you may now go with no effort:
    • free only if the first download  XLSCGI (library XLSCGI, last release May 14, 2016) utility takes advantage of the Excel native support of XML documents (since MS Office 2003). It provides a nice way to generate XML documents suited for Excel.
    • free only if the first download  HSSFCGI (library HSSFCGI, last release Jun 14, 2018) utility uses Scott Klement's HSSFR4 service program and Jacarta POI HSSF Java classes (both included in the package) to generate native Excel spreadsheets. This can be done with a simple ILE-RPG program, all the hard things are kept under the covers. Graphics support is included.
      This utility features commmand TABLEXLS, which converts whatever database file to an Excel Spreadsheet.

4. E-Mail
  1. free only if the first download  POP3 Client (library POP3READ - last release Aug 08, 2015)
    An ILE-RPG Pop3 Client program that would contact via socket any Pop server and receive mail messages into IFS directories.
  2. upon contribution  MIME & Mail (library MMAIL - last release Jun 08, 2018)
    A service program and utilities that allow to create and send mail messages attaching any type of objects, such as documents, printouts, images, audios, videos, save files, etc.. Download the PDF MMAIL Delveloper's Guide.
    Library MMAIL includes an iSeries Webmail application, named AMailer.

5. IFS
  1. free only if the first download  IFS Tool (library IFSTOOL - last release Dec 19, 2017)
    A set of programmable commands to work with IFS objects.
  2. free only if the first download  IFS strings and stream files conversion (library CVT101 - last release Mar 28, 2011)
    Subprocedures and commands to convert strings and stream files from one code page to another code page, Unicode included.

6. Zip/Unzip
  1. free only if the first download  ZIP and UNZIP commands on the iSeries (library ZIP - last release Apr 09, 2018)
    Are you one of the few left without ZIP/UNZIP commands on the iSeries?
    This is your chance.
    Install in a few seconds!
  2. free only if the first download  Save & Zip (library ZIPSAVE - last release Oct 05, 2017)
    Save and zip your save files directly on the iSeries. Unzip on the iSeries.

7. System control
  1. free only if the first download  E-Police (library EPOLICE - last release Feb 12, 2016), a set of utilities to help you managing small emergencies on your system.
  2. free only if the first download  KILLMYJOBS (library KILLMYJOBS - last release Dec 11, 2017), a command to kill your other interactive jobs.
  3. free only if the first download  ENDJOBS (library ENDJOBS - last release Dec 23, 2016), two powerful commands, one to end all jobs matching given criteria, the other to end jobs allocating a given object.

8. Security
  1. free only if the first download  Triple A Secured TCP (library SECTCP - last release Mar 14, 2018)
    It provides customized security for your FTP and TELNET servers.
    It also provides logs, browsing and quering facilities, that will make your auditing really easy. Download the PDF SECTCP Guide.
  2. free only if the first download  Web Interface for SECTCP (library WSECTCP - last release Mar 16, 2018)
    Once you are running SECTCP, enjoy controlling it from your Web browser.
  3. free only if the first download  FTP & TELNET hacking statistics (library ESECTCP - last release Dec 17, 2017)
    Find out where daily hacking attempts to your IBM System i come from (requires SECTCP).
  4. always free  PWDRESET (library PWDRESET- last release Jan 28, 2015).
    A standard tool to assign passwords.
  5. always free  CHGPWD (library CHGPWD- last release Jul 02, 2016).
    A quick Web tool to let users change the passwords of their user profiles.

9. Productivity
  1. always free  API Guide (library APIGUIDE - last release Apr 29, 2018), a set of examples of calling system APIs from RPG programs.
  2. free only if the first download  PgmRegen (library PGMREGEN - last release Jun 17, 2005), a utility able to retrieve the composition of ILE programs and to automatically regenerate both OPM and ILE programs in all HLL languages.
  3. always free  PLCheckUp (library PLCHECKUP - last release Aug 13, 2014), a utility that investigates all the ILE programming pieces of an application library, finds out the relations among pieces and provides several inquiry screens that will help in your application maintenance duties. A life-saver for ILE programmers.
  4. free only if the first download  CGI_WRKDBF (library CGIWRKDBF - last release Jun 01, 2017), a utility to browse database files on your Web browser. Records can also be added, updated and deleted.
  5. free only if the first download  ODF (Object Distribution Facility) (library ODF - last release May 10, 2018), a utility to distribute objects to other IBM System i's. A time saver for maintaining multiple systems.
  6. free only if the first download  VRTSAV (Virtual Save & Transfer) (library VRTSAV - last release Jul 15, 2016), a utility to perform saves on virtual tapes and to transfer save data to another system, where they can be copied to real tape volumes. Download the PDF manual.
  7. free only if the first download  Library ZIP-packaging (library EZPACK - last release Sep 20, 2015)
    Saves IBM i libraries into a ZIP stream file along with a text file containin the installation instructions. Very useful if you distribute IBM i application software.
  8. Message files.
    Use of messages externally described in messages files is a common technique for developing display files and printer files enabled to support different national languages. However, maintaining and translating message files is a real time consuming and boring task. This is why some utility in this area is usually welcome.
    The following utility is based on CGI programs (runs under WEB):
    free only if the first download  Translate message descriptions used in DDS (library XLTMSGF, last release Oct 05, 2012). provides a quick way to translate to another national language the message descriptions used in display or printer files.
  9. free only if the first download  Synchronized jobs for parallel processing (library SYNCJOB - last release Apr 10, 2018)
    An easy-to-use technique for syncrhonizing jobs. Very useful for avoiding job environment conflicts (example: JVM settings) and for boosting application performance through parallel processing.
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Worked 39 years for IBM Italy. Started with OS/360, went through 370, enjoyed System/38 and landed on the greatest system of them all: AS/400. I was used to play two roles, manager and professional at the same time.
In year 1997 I got a major stroke when I discovered the easy way to make WEB from some Mel Rothman's work, CGIDEV. That day I started a mission: enable AS/400 programmers to build WEB sites using their existing knowledge.
After retiring in year 2005 I decided to carry on with my own site. Since then I've got more recognition than I ever had before.

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