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Welcome to Easy400 powered by Apache
Our Easy400 downloadable applications have all been successfully tested under V4R5 and V5R1 HTTP server powered by Apache.
No changes to our applications were necessary to have them working under Apache.
The whole thing was just done by
  • Defining to the HTTP a new server (powered by Apache)
  • Defining the Apache directives for such a server.

If you want, you may read what was my experience in "migrating" my traditional HTTP directives to Apache. There you will also find:

  • some tips about implementing page protection
  • some interim conclusions about migrating / creating a new HTTP server (powered by Apache)
  • my Apache configuration, to be used as an example.

If you care, you may also download and install our library EASY400APC. It will allow you to run all of our deliverables under an HTTP server instance (powered by Apache).

Please find hereafter some useful documentation on this subject and the list of the Easy400 applications which I have already successfully run under Apache.

  1. Apache documentation

  2. IBM HTTP Server (powered by Apache)
    IBM IBM HTTP Server for iSeries Documentation Center
    Easy400 Collection of articles on iSeries 400 HTTP and Apache Apache HTTP Server Project Apache directives

  3. Easy400 applications configured for running under an HTTP server powered by Apache

  4. CGIDEV2 ILE-RPG CGI development toolset, comprehensive of tutorial, examples and demos
    CENTAUR2 An attractive e-commerce ILE-RPG CGI demo
    CGI400C2 Our HTML and CGI self-learning class
    JS2 Our JavaScript tutorial
    WEBSECURE Web protection made easy