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About it

Public Source CGI to change user profile passwords
by Giovanni B. Perotti (Italy)

1-About it

This is a public source utility for IBM System i.
When in an Intranet or Internet application user validation is performed though system user profiles, this utility allows the user to change his user profile password.


  • OS/400 release V5R2 or subsequent
  • IBM HTTP Server for IBM System i, product 57xxDG1 (library QHTTPSVR)
    (please make sure to have installed the latest PTF CUM for this product!)
  • Compiler ILE RPG IV, product 57xxWDS, opt. 31, is required during the installation phase.
  • CGIDEV2 utility
  • Ability to work with HTTP instance directives


  • Download file from the Easy400 download page and unzip it.
  • Follow the chgpwd.txt instructions to upload and to restore library CHGPWD.
  • On the IBM System i
    • sign on with a user profile having *SECADM special authority
    • run the following procedure:
      It does the following:
      • creates objects in library CHGPWD
      • creates and populates library CHGPWDDTA. Local data are maintained in this library, so that new releases of library CHGPWD do not impact local users data.
      • restores IFS directory /chgpwd
      • displays the HTTP directives that you must install on an HTTP instance of yours to run this utility.
        To display these HTTP directives later on, run command CHGPWD/INSTALL.
  • Only the user profiles documents in file CHGPWDDTA/ALWUSRPRFS are eligible for password change.
    Use command STRDFU (option 5) to maintain file CHGPWDDTA/ALWUSRPRFS.


  1. To start the utility ...
    ... on your Internet browser run the following URL:
    http://.../chgpwd or

  2. The browser asks to enter a user profile name and the related password.
    Firefox example:
    Figure 1
    In this way the current user profile of the CGI job is the one specified by the remote user.

  3. The following WEB page appears:
    Figure 2
    Do the following (passwords are not case sensitive):
    • Current password: - Enter the current password for the user profile, the same password you specified in Figure 1.
      (the reason you are requested to re-type this password is because of a security concern: suppose you left your PC unattended and that someopne else walks in ...)
    • New password: - Enter the new password you would like to assign to this user profile.
    • New password (to verify): - Repeat the new password, to make sure that you did not mistyped it.
    • Last, press the button Change password.
    Password errors are notified.
    A message tells whether the password change was successful.
    If the password change fails, the error message does not provide the reason of the failure (security reason).


To know about the latest updates to this tool, press this link.
To know about the release date of the CHGPWD version you may have installed, on your IBM i system execute command CHGPWD/RELEASED .