HTML basics - Part 2 Lab

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Lab on Html Basics Part 2

Let us now complete the Disclaimer part of our e-commerce
Centaur books
demo first page.
Your lab should result in a page looking as shown here.

Operate as follow
  1. Signon as QPGMR
  2. strpdm on source file mysrclib/htmlsrc
  3. press F6 to add member lab12a, source type html
  4. press F13 and set Uppercase input only to N
  5. copy your previous lab from member lab11a

  6. add the following link
    to the saying
  7. Use an unordered list to explain the meaning of the symbols S and H.
  8. Display the images of the above symbols
    • for S use file source.gif in directory /centaurdir
    • for H use file help.gif in directory /centaurdir
  9. to test it, in the command line (location line) of your internet browser enter

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