CGI development

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Our reference site contains a ILE-RPG CGI Delvelopment Kit which enables you to very easily create dynamic Web pages through CGI programming with RPG IV.
The site also includes a detail tutorial and coding examples (demos).
The Development Kit, the Tutorial, and the Demos are all in library cgidev2 that you can download from our site and install on your iSeries 400 (AS/400).

The following are our suggestions for you to study our development tool:

  1. Link to the initial page of our Tutorial
    • if you already installed our library cgidev2, click here
    • otherwise click here
  2. Read down to and including section 5 (Debugging tips)
  3. In our CGI labs you will be using
    • input string read procedure zhbGetInput
    • input string parsing procedure zhbGetVar
    Examples of using these procedures are
    • demo Our delivery times
    • demo Computer Discount House No. 3
    You can find these demos at the following page:
    • click here if you already installed our library cgidev2,
    • otherwise click here

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